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Basic Math

Geometry Calculators
  • Plots & Geometry -- The equation of a line, plotting conic sections, graphing and plotting, and geometrical objects.
Interactive Geometry Concepts
  • Euclid's Elements -- An interactive text on Euclid's Elements, covering all 13 books. The figures in the text are illustrated using the Geometry Applet. By moving points in the figures, you can translate, rotate or resize the figures.
  • -- "Using virtual straightedge and compass our Euclid applet can draw lines and circles." Examples are provided showing how to use the applet to illustrate propositions from Euclid's Elements.
  • An Interactive Proof of Pythagoras' theorem -- "An animated proof of one of the most famous theorems of geometry"
  • Gallery of Interactive Geometry -- A large number of interactive geometry programs -- Compute implicitly defined curves in the plane, a mathematical model of light passing through a water droplet, generate Penrose tilings, an interactive editor for symmetric patterns of the plane, an interactive 3D viewer, projective conics, explore the effects of negatively curved space, explore Teichmuller space, experiment with numerical integration of data sets, visualize families of Riemann surfaces, work with any discrete symmetry group of the hyperbolic plane.
  • Java Gallery of Interactive Geometry -- A number of geometry Java applets -- hyperbolic triangles, simulation of the Lorenz equations, interation of a quadratic map, a version of the Tetris game, Leap fractal chaos game, creating and animating fractals, generate wallpaper patterns.
Length, Area and Volume Calculators
  • Pythagorean Theorem Calculator -- Calculate the sides or hypotenuse of a right triangle using the Pythagorean formula.
  • Geometric Calculators -- Calculate the circumference and area of a circle, surface area and volume of a cone, and surface area and volume of a sphere.
  • Circle, Sphere and Cylinder Calculator -- Calculate the circumference and area of a circle, the surface area and volume of a sphere, and surface areas and volume of a cylinder.
Analytic Geometry
  • Angle Converter -- Convert between degrees, radian, grads, and mils.
  • Line Plotting -- Plot a line of the form y=mx+b.
  • Circle Plotting -- Plot a circle with general form (x-h)^2+(y-k)^2=r^2
  • Plotting Conic Sections -- Plot various conic sections such as a circle, parabola, ellipse, or hyperbola.
  • Graphing Vector Calculator -- This applet allows you to learn about vectors and vector operations. Extend two vectors from the origin, then add or subtract them, and see the resultant.
  • Geometry -- A geometry text covering points, lines, planes, angles, postulates and theorems, unions and intersections, formulas, constructions, etc. Contains sample problems and a comprehensive glossary.
  • Geometry Glossary -- "In this glossary I'll define most of the words you'll ever need in geometry. You'll also see some algebra terms, and maybe some trig terms."

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