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Medical and Clinical Calculators

Medical and Clinical Calculators
  • The Medical Calculator -- Calculators for A-a gradient, body surface area, corrected sodium, creatinine clearance, fractional excretion of sodium free water deficit, ideal body weight, mean arterial pressure, and weight conversion.
  • MedStudents Online Clinical Calculators -- Over 20 clinical calculators, including cardiac index, stroke volume, oxygen exchange ratio, respiratory quotient, serum osmolality, water deficit, etc.
  • Clinical Decision-Making -- Calculators for performing common calculations useful for clinical decisions or for analyzing data pertinent to clinical decisions, such as disease/test, exposure/disease and treatment/outcome relations. Includes some useful statistics calculators.
  • Clinical Calculators -- Several clinical calculators, including risk calculator for hormone replacement therapy, ECG diagnosis of AMI in LBBB, risk calculator for patients with CAP.
  • Emergency Medicine on the Web -- National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics (NCEMI) homepage, with clinical calculators, reference materials, medical search engines, online books, ekg archives, x-rays, and more. The Clinical Calculators & Medical E-Tools section includes more than 50 clinical decision support tools, such as algorithms, calculators, decision rules, diagrams, scores and tables.
Bayesian Diagnostic Calculators
  • Bayesian Statistics Calculator -- Given pretest probability, sensitivity and specificity, calculate likelihood ratio, post-test odds, and post-test probabilities for positive and negative test results, and other test statistics.
  • Bayes' Theorem Calculator -- "This resource converts given values for disease probability and diagnostic test performance measures (test sensitivity and specificity) into a 2x2 table showing how the test results would come out if used in a population of some arbitrary size."
  • Diagnostic Test Calculator -- Bayesian calculator for calculating probability that a patient has a disease after a positive or negative test.
  • Java Calculators for Radiology Applications: Absorbed Dose and Bayes' Theorem -- "Two simple Java programs that perform calculations useful in radiology are presented in this report. One calculates the absorbed dose of a radiopharmaceutical, and the other performs a calculation by using Bayes' theorem."
  • Medicine Online -- "Medicine OnLine,TM published by UltiTech, Inc. of Stratford,CT., offers medical information and education in oncology, MedlineŽ literature searches, Daily Oncology News Digest, Cancer Forums discussion groups, and reports from medical meetings in Conrad Notes for health care professionals,patients, and other interested consumers."
  • Medscape -- Online medical resource, including clinical features such as clinical management, practice guidelines, ask the experts, clinical challenges, and treatment updates, and specialty sites such as cardiology, infectious diseases, internal medicine, oncology, pediatrics, etc.
  • eMedicine -- Online medical textbooks for health professionals. "Textbooks that provide medical definitions, anatomical illustrations, audio, and video."

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