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Astronomical Calculators

Sun and Moon
  • Phases of the Moon -- "Phases of the Moon--Past, Present and Future: Dates and times of New Moons, First Quarters, Full Moons and Last Quarters from 1923-2084"; also, real time moon phase updated every 60 seconds."
  • Lunar Perigee and Apogee Calculator -- Calculate the date, time, and distance of lunar perigees and apogees for a given year.
  • sun position calculator -- "This JavaŽ-based Sun position calculator will give the time of sunrise and sunset for any date and location. It will also plot a graph of the Sun's elevation and bearing over the course of that day."
Planetary Orbits
  • Using Kepler's Third Law -- "Kepler III gives us a very easy way to relate the period of an orbit to its mean radius. In this calculator we will use units of solar years for time and astronomical units for distance."
  • Elliptical Orbit Calculator -- Input planetary orbital parameters (semi-major axis, orbital eccentricity and inclination) and and calculate planetary position, area of elliptical orbit and area traversed by the planet.
  • FUSE Continuous Viewing Zone and Orbit Ram Calculator -- This calculator can "determine when a given target direction is in the continuous viewing zone. It also calculates when a given target lies within 20 degrees of the orbital plane and cannot be observed due to ram avoidance constraints."
  • Solar System Simulator -- "Select from the have the simulator create a color image of your favorite planet or satellite!"
  • Engineering Toys and Tools -- Interactive Planetary Orbit Simulator, interactive unit conversions, java calculator and world clock.

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